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Long ago, a small car was born which was not like any other car. This car lived, it lived a dream. His dream was to fly, high up in the clouds, with the birds and the sun.

The small car only had this wish, and often forgot he was a car. Again and again it thought of the clouds, the birds and the sun. He would be high up in the sky at the clouds, the birds and the sun.

One day the little car got a new masters. He had bought it because the little car looked so beautiful because it was so loving that he would have it easy. The small car went well with the new masters. He used him, stroked him off and on once and has always been good to him.

Car, Sun, Clouds, Birds  
But the little car would only be one. It wanted to fly like the  clouds, the birds and the sun. But it always performed his duties faithfully and brought his master always go where he liked. Day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year. He fared well in his men.

Every morning, when his master went to work with him, dreamed the little car, looked to the sky, the clouds, the birds and the sun. His heart was always sad, but the little car was always faithfully performed his duties.


One day, on the way to work, the little car looked again at the sky. There, he saw the clouds move, the birds fly and the sun shine.

His heart was so sad that he forgot that his master had to work. He stood at the intersection, looked to the sky and was dreaming. From the sky, the clouds, the birds and the sun. He even forgot that his master had to work.

His master was angry, got out and went to work. The little car felt nothing for it, dreamed on and on of the clouds, the birds and the sun.

Eventually, there came a big yellow car and dragged the little car to the scrapyard. The small car also got it not because it was always dreaming on and on. Not his dream could interfere.

It came as it was. The leash car was disassembled, dismantled and scrapped. But the little car dreamed on, forever and ever further from the clouds, the birds and the sun.

His skin was in a big machine, where it was melted down. It also noted the car because it was not so caught up in his dream that it forgot everything around him.

There were workers. They drilled, hammered and screwed and put the little car back together. In the new dress plate of the car a brand new engine was installed. Paint was on his skin and it flashes like new.

Only something had changed. It looked  different than before. It had long arms was getting a lot slimmer than before and looked beautiful.

Also it was the little car with nothing because it was trapped in his wonderful dream.
  Plain, Sun, Clouds, Birds

Suddenly the little car was awaked again. He looked around and got scared.He was in the sky, high up in the clouds, the birds and the sun. He was a plane now. His greatest dream had come true.

Copyright text and graphic © 1999 by Joachim Grabau


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