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This weather we had to exploit. Who knew how long the sun would still fill us with its warming rays.

Our goal is always the same: "The hole was used for milling. An enchanted place on a small stream which flowed gurgling and mumbling his way. In recent months we had this nice peaceful place won. Today was different.

To me he fell at once, this dark, broken tombstone. Amid the cold water was mysteriously and he shone in the reflecting light from the sun.

How did he come to this?
What secret, he might well bear in itself?

I tried to decipher the inscription, though some corners were missing. "Magdalena" was carved there, born on March 4, 1835, died on 29 Januar 1838th For about 170 years ago was this little girl, not three years old died. Was it an accident? Or was it a childhood disease taken out of life? Perhaps it was also a flu epidemic, just as the time was often the case.

My mind sank further into the past. I saw her in front of me, a little chubby girl with funny pigtails, which romped merrily through the meadow.
What they may have played? Certainly it had a gyro or a carved doll.

But why was this tombstone suddenly? If we do this find out anything?

Everything is passing on this earth. Every day we should live as if it were the last. Clear up misunderstandings immediately and the only immortal to anchor the love down in our hearts.



Love is something very precious, the diamond of life, it is easy to forget a pain Without love we are all forgotten in 200 years. By our name they still maintain. Perhaps our descendants will wonder how we lived and take our pictures in the heart.

Small Magdalena, you were forgotten, but I will always remind me of your cold tombstone.

Copyright © 09-2001 by Petra Heierhoff

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