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Magic of the Stars
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Magic of the Stars
Magic of the Stars

Magic of the stars, the magic of night,
I am awakened from my dream.
The Prince of Madness hat bridled his horse,
I fly in vain, I've only dreamed of.

Glowing cheeks, piercing pain,
Raging pulse of my heart trembles.
Was I dreamed last night,
What was made me so afraid of?

Fog swirling accompany the awakening day
Hide replies that I ask too '.
Does he, the Prince, my call pleading?
Only I Can Hear, The thunder of hooves.

With sparkling iron and blood-red nostrils
Appears black, the world seems' to whisper.
The view calves rider, full of love and pain,
Calms me and enveloped my heart comforting.

He kisses my forehead, lifts the hand in greeting
and silently he went away from the river in the fog.
I wake up and feel Its proximity to me,
As if it was truth, as he was even here.


Copyright © 1997 by Petra Heierhoff




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