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Shortly after the world was created, the native Americans lived in simple huts, moved about the country and sought their food with difficulty, where they could find them. One day turned up in a camp on the banks of a river to an old woman who looked very torn and half-starved. The men were all gathered on the hunt, and most women and girls at the waterfront roots and wild vegetables. Only a few children and young girls who remained in the camp to entertain the fire. When they saw the old woman, they said to her: "There is no room for you." Why do not you go to the next camp? We have nothing to give away. "

Without a word the old woman went on and was soon out in the woods. But in the next camp happened to her otherwise, also wanted to know nothing of her and sent her away. In the third camp was seen at her with contempt. Finally, they came to a camp, which consisted only of a few twigs huts belonging to members of the Alligator clan. The alligator clan did not play very important role in the tribe, and therefore neither war trophies adorned the cabins still precious skins of its members.

modest and shy as the old woman asked for food and a place at the fire, the women said, "Come, old man, here with us is room enough, and some food will also be found soon enough. You have come a long way you have to be hungry and legal ". After the old woman had eaten, they let them sleep at the fire, because there was the best place.

The next morning the men of the Alligator clan out as usual in the woods to hunt deer, while the women went looking for roots and berries. The old woman they trusted to the warehouse, so they do not start the fire and let the children have an eye. No one knew the old man, but trusted her all, for was with the Creek native Americans never got off something. No one was afraid, therefore, that the old woman could steal anything. The old woman was the corn mother herself, who had come to this unassuming figure on the ground.

When the men and women returning in the evening, told the children that they had already eaten. Full of astonishment heard the adults: "The old woman has had to eat for all of us! And their food tastes better than the roots and berries, we get otherwise."

As the clan elders said to the children, "says the old woman that she would do away with me some of her food, because I'm curious what that might be." But the next evening he had to admit that the brew tasted better than anything he had ever tasted. In vain he tried to uncover the secret of the old woman, but all efforts were in vain. He never found out where the strange woman took the ingredients for their food.

One day the old man disappeared, as suddenly as they had appeared, she had left the camp. No one had seen them go away, and nobody could say where she was well advised. One of the boys but could not forget the taste of the strange meal, which the old woman had cooked. No sooner had he the warrior harriers behind, because he decided to go in search of the old woman, who certainly could not have been so far.

Long time he wandered about the country, waded through rivers, climbed mountains and passed through forests and swamps. But in any camp to which he came, they knew something of the old woman. When he discouraged and depressed one night all alone sitting by the fire overcame him of sleep. When he awoke, stood before him an old woman with white hair that hung down to her on the back. The young warrior was very frightened, for he was afraid of being delivered a magical being. Only when the old man came closer to the fire, he recognized the long-sought. Joyfully he greeted her and implored her, but with him back to the camp of the Alligator Clan return. The old man protested, and said: "I can not stay with you, but if you follow my advice and do what I command you, you'll never miss me."

Then she led the young warriors to a place on the River. Here the yellow last year's grass was waist high. "Put the fire to burn and the grass," she commanded, "do not ask the reason, you'll see." Thus did the young soldier for her sake, and put a firebrand to the spot. Soon the sparks flew sky high, and the crackling fire ate through the clearing, and soon from the grass, only the ashes remain.

As the old man spoke again: "Take me by the hair and loop me back and forth across the scorched earth. Everywhere, Where You Want Me loops, it is new grass from the ground fire, and between the sheets but you'll see my hair sticking out. If this is the case, then the seed is ripe. This is the secret of the food, on account of which you wandered so far. "

The warriors set out to work at once and dragged the old woman by the hair across the clearing. Back and forth went the way to go before even a piece of land was left untouched. No sooner had he finished his work, because the woman was gone from his hands. He slowly walked back to the fire and covered the experience.

When the young warrior the next morning came into the clearing, there stood a strange grass that gave him up over his head. Everywhere among the leaves, but he saw a piece of the hair of the old woman. To this day, take the corn cob at the top of a head of hair, and the native Americans know that the corn mother has not forgotten them.


free traditional native American myth


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