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Today the sea was very cold and dark. Droplets danced reluctantly by the waves. Everything was so boring, never experienced something special.
"Whether it would at least get the dolphins to play with?" Droplet  wondered, quietly muttering to himself.

His friends jumped joyfully up and down, giggling happily and took him into their midst.

"What's going on, drop, why you so sad by the water?" She asked. "Oh, I do not really," he replied, "I'm so boring. I would like to see the world up there, but I do not know how I can do that. "

"Why do not you ask the big Blubberfisch?", Called for the water droplets on her friend. "Blubberfisch knows everything, and he has already seen the blue sky!"
  Troepfchen 1

Droplet blue eyes sparkled. Oh yes, the idea was great. He immediately went in search of the great Blubberfisch. On his way he met the funny dolphins. "Where are you going so fast down, droplets, we do not want to play?" They shouted. Cheerfully waved to drop them. "No, no, I have no time to play, I must seek the great Blubberfisch. Have you perhaps seen him?"

"No, drop us today he is still not met. Did you have both blue octopus looking for?" Replied the dolphins. No, there had not yet looked droplets. "Thank you, dear friends, for this tip," he said cheerfully, and made on the road.

The road to the octopus was quite broad and also exhausting, since in a cave deep in the Seabed lived. Droplets snorted exhausted.

Troepfchen 2
"Hopefully the great Blubberfisch is there," he thought. It was  colder and swam slower droplets always but at last he saw from afar the cave of the blue octopus. As was also the Blubberfisch.

"Blubberfisch, Blubberfisch, I do have something very, very  important question!" droplets called excitedly. Startled, the large Blubberfisch turned around, "Oh good heavens, drops, what's going on? Why are you so excited? I would have fallen so scared almost all scales! " he growled angrily.

"Excuse me, Blubberfisch, but I know it is essential, as I like to get to know it instead of the world above. Can you help me? You've already seen the blue sky, "gushed forth droplets.

"Oh, droplets, as you have but you made something. When I looked up there from the sea foam out I almost had a monster floated over the head. It was horribly loud, and has stunk terribly. Do you really want to make this dangerous journey? "

Droplets rocking excitedly on a seaweed back and forth. "Of  course I will, Blubberfisch, tell me what I need to do quickly."

"All right, so if you really want, so you should swim at first dieOberfläche of the sea. Sit then on the sea foam and wait until the sun seems warm. What happened then, I do not know, but I have seen many of my little friends again. Be careful! "

"Thank you, Blubberfisch, I promise you I'll be careful. When I come back I have appointed a lot to tell."

With these words made their way droplets. He was always higher and higher wear until he suddenly saw a glimmer of light. "There is definitely the sun. Right now I am going to see the blue sky," he exulted.

Besides, under, above him, everywhere, at many millions of  droplets around voices were heard. "Droplets, we with. We also want to see the big wide world. "Together they sat on the white sea foam, marveled at the blue sky and blinked into the warm, bright sun. "Oh, that's fine," said a delighted Droplets.

Suddenly he noticed that something changed. His friends all around him were getting restless. Afraid they took at the hands and closed their eyes. With the shallow wind hummed a quiet one song to forget the fear. After a while, drops his eyes carefully on again because he's such a had slight feeling funny. Around him, everything was foggy. 

Very solid, all held their hands as they felt as they began to fly. Higher and higher she flew, and were zueiner beautiful white cloud. From up here you could see the sea in his green and blue colors with the white foam crowns particularly well.

Droplets was overjoyed. He discovered the Blubberfisch, the curious poked his head out of the water and tried to call him, but he managed only a gentle breeze. "Pity," thought droplets, "I had him so tells you how good it here obenist. "Slowly it got dark.
  Troepfchen 3

The sun went to sleep and the moon and the stars were evident in all their glory. Reflected in the water it, and it looked as if their fish lantern were set on fire. Droplets was getting tired, and he fell asleep, lulled by the wind, on soft clouds cushion the new day.

When he awoke, he felt an unusual cold. So cold it was in the sea has never been. Droplets after attempted to look down and ... terribly frightened. Where was the sea? Down there everything was completely white. What were the funny fish? It slid around on the white surface, and made strange noises.

The wind stopped droplet questions and said: "The whites, what you see there is frozen water, it is called ice. The animals are called seals, and they feel very comfortable here. Make sure that you do in your cloud will usually not deep skid to be a snow crystal and fall to the ground! "

Troepfchen 4  
"No, dear wind," shaking droplets, "here I'd rather not go down. It is much too cold."

He quickly climbed to the top of the cloud. There he saw the sun, and he liked that better. Many days and nights on the cloud droplets flew in the sky. Occasionally he ventured down, but always he only saw this white ice.

When he now looked curious from the cloud but it was otherwise. Everything on Earth was green at one time. The plants were much larger than the algae floating on the sea floor and the animals do not, they jumped. Some animals
had four legs and others had only two legs. The wind told him that these are human beings.

Droplets could feel the warm sun and lounged comfortably on his cloud. But what was that again? From below came from the top heat and a cold wind whistled. Droplets slid deeper down. It crackled around him, and it smelled so funny.

A blinding beam shot through the cloud that immediately with a terrible rumble pushed back together. Droplets got scared his footing. His friends had just got a fright when it suddenly thundered. All fell, becoming faster and faster, reply of the earth.

"Splash, splash, droplets heard when he got to the bottom. "There you are at last," a quiet voice said impatiently. "We've been waiting so long for you. We nearly dried up." Droplets realized that the voice from the flowers came that grew everywhere in many bright colors. Something drew him down. It was dark around him, Here one could see nothing. Droplets slid deeper and deeper into the earth and it was fear and worry.

Suddenly he heard voices, however, seemed familiar to him. Were not his friends? "Yes," exulted droplets, "yes, they are. Friends, where are you? How do I find you?"

"Over here we are droplets" all cried delighted. "Let yourself fall only easy!" Happy all the friends joined in her arms. She laughed merrily and swam in a stream towards the light. Soon they heard the sound of the river and were joyfully received. Dancing and singing, they swam up to the great sea. Everyone wanted to tell what had happened to them, and so there was a loud splashing.

Some had fallen as snow crystals to the ground, other than hail, because it is too hard in the Air whirled sand grains were detained but most were rain drops, and now they all wanted back home.

Even drops'm longing to Blubberfisch, the blue octopus and the increasingly funny dolphins. Whether he will probably see again in the big wide ocean? He swam a long time and was always sad. He saw the great monster of whom told the Blubberfisch had and took some time to get the smell to . Relax The wind told him that people need these ships, but must it be so dirty?

  Troepfchen 5

Finally droplets saw again the white sea foam. He could hardly believe his eyes barely stretched as it is indeed the Blubberfisch his fat head out of the water. "Blubberfisch, Blubberfisch!" cried aloud droplets. "I'm back home. Oh, Blubberfisch, I had such a longing to you all. Finally I'm back home. Here it is on top. Blubberfisch hurried to drop to swim.

"There you are at last," he muttered, "every day I looked out of the water. Once I was even almost ended up in a fishing net, but I've been so worried about you!"

Meanwhile, the dolphins and the octopus had heard that droplets was back home. Quickly they came, and droplets had to tell his adventures again and again.

Late at night slept an exhausted all of the excitement of the day. The moon looked at them again, and he saw nothing but happy and satisfied children sleeping sea.

Copyright © 1993 by Petra Heierhoff


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